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Pizza Magic 72 Hyndland Road, Glasgow, G12 9UT  Telephone: 0141 339 8544 Food served: Mon–Sun 4–10.30pm Website: Pizza Magic on Facebook Eating & Drinking Guide The 2014/15 edition of The List's Eating & Drinking Guide is out now . This review is taken from the 2013 edition. Takeaway review Pizza Magic in the Hyndland area of Glasgow’s West End is the kind of place to give independents a good name. Favouring thick, fresh bases and mounds of juicy, chunky toppings, Pizza Magic’s self-appointed speciality makes for a great value party feed or last-minute meal solution. Their careful choice of decent meats, fresh veg and neat twists on popular topping combos offers bold and addictive flavours – the European’s liberal combo of pepperoni, salami, garlic sausage and peppers is a stodge-free delight. If the gargantuan stacks of topping can prove a challenge for diminutive jaws, there is also a full wine and beer list available on delivery to help it go down smoothly.

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